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30 Best Brunette Balayage Ideas with Examples

28. Ashy Brunette Balayage. An ash hair color looks natural. In terms of shiny balayage highlights, it will make your style even more distinctive!

Brunette balayage has been on the fashion scene for quite a while now, and it is not planning on leaving anytime soon. That is why, if you haven’t had a chance to try it for yourself, it is not too late! Freshen up your look with a current balayage on dark hair and stay on trend!

Besides, there are so many variations of balayage on dark brown hair that you are sure to find a suitable option to match your personality and preferences. Ready for a fresh hairstyle? Then read on for some amazing balayage highlights ideas to choose from!

1. Warm Brunette to Blonde Balayage. The epic color gradient of this hot brunette balayage hairstyle will make you the center of attention wherever you go!

2. Sun-Kissed Brunette Balayage. One of the coolest benefits of light brunette balayage is that it looks as if you have just arrived after a seaside vacation. It looks especially flattering with tanned skin!

3. Honey Brunette Balayage. Mixed highlights featuring honey, copper, and silver sum up into a beautiful balayage for brunette hair. Don’t be afraid to experiment with warm and cool blends!

4. Warm Brunette Balayage. One of the yummiest hair color options out there. A caramel brunette balayage fits any occasion, from a cozy evening at home to a night out.

5. Mushroom Brown Balayage for Dark Hair. The shiny light ash brown highlights enable you to create a dreamy balayage style and showcase the beauty of your hair.

6. Brunette Blonde Balayage. Showing off your sweet personality is easy with a charming light balayage on dark hair. What’s more, this irresistible look is easy to maintain!

7. Blonde Balayage for a Choppy Cut. If you have a choppy cut, allow yourself to have an imperfect, patchy balayage to complete the cheeky look. Notably, this technique is also applicable for brunette balayage on short hair!

8. Cool Brunette Balayage. Balayage hair color ideas for brunettes aren’t always about warm highlights. Cool shades of blonde mix up perfectly well with your naturally dark hair color.

9. Balayage on Dark Brown Hair. These may not seem to be obvious choices for balayage, but the dark mahogany and cherry shades look exceptional on the dark hair. Give this combo a try!

10. Chestnut Balayage Brunette Highlights. Chestnut and russet brown hues can deliver a remarkable blend, especially when it comes to balayage.

11. Trendy Caramel and Brown Balayage. Long hair brunette balayage always stands out! We recommend trying warm shades of caramel, honey, and amber to complement your deep natural tone.

12. Subtle Natural-Looking Balayage. A simple yet gorgeous solution for medium brunette balayage hair is adding subtle highlights. These can be of a warmer or cooler shade, depending on your skin tone.

13. Brunette Balayage Bob. There are plenty of short brunette balayage options out there! Which one to choose? Here’s brunette balayage straight hair. Definitely try a stacked bob with neat light strands.

14. Brunette Dark Balayage. The thin golden strands on the dark hair look exceptional, enhancing the base color and giving her a princess look.

15. Natural Brunette Balayage. This subtle brunette balayage is so delicate that it appears to be a natural hair color after hot summer days. It’s a great solution for those who don’t want radical changes!

16. Contrasting Brunette Balayage Highlights. Making the front strands lighter is a trick used by stylists to frame the face. Combine it with similar dimensional balayage highlights for a runway-ready appearance.

17. Brunette Red Balayage. Balayage is awesome for defining and intensifying your natural hair color. Here is a great example of a fiery red balayage on long brunette hair.

18. Dark Brunette Balayage. Who wouldn’t enjoy watching rich chocolate hues shine in the sunlight? The dark balayage with bronze highlights is impossible not to love!

19. Romantic Brunette Balayage Long Hair. Nothing is easier than styling caramel balayage brunette hair into a look ready for a romantic date. Simply use a curling iron to create waves, and you are good to go!

20. Brunette Balayage Shag. The brunette balayage 2023 goes hand-in-hand with a shaggy cut. Add piece-y bangs to complete the cheeky look!

21. Brunette Balayage Bob. Whether you want to experiment with bright colors or stick to subtler options for your brunette balayage straight hair, a bob cut will pack them into a trendy style effortlessly.

22. Strawberry Blonde Balayage. If you ask your stylist to mix ash blonde and light copper highlights, you will get a pretty high-contrast balayage for brunettes with an unusual twist.

23. Amber Brunette Balayage Highlights. A balayage looks especially stunning when the hair has waves or curls. Contrasting colors define the strands and make them look even more voluminous and bouncy.

24. Layered Wavy Balayage Hair. Waves, balayage, and layers are a golden trio, no matter which color you choose. You can’t go wrong with this one!

25. Classy Dark Brown Balayage. This style is such a gem because apart from alluring waves, it features flirty peek-a-boo highlights. It is low-maintenance and fun!

26. Ruby Balayage Brunette Hair. Pick the famous Rihanna shade of red for your balayage, and you will be catching glances of admiration every day!

27. Rose Gold Balayage. A medium-length brunette balayage with a rich rose gold palette will make you stand out from the crowd. You can also try other pastel hues, such as mint and lavender.

28. Ashy Brunette Balayage. An ash hair color looks natural. In terms of shiny balayage highlights, it will make your style even more distinctive!

29. Reverse Balayage Brunette Style. Reverse balayage is all about adding lowlights to the hair instead of going for a lighter tone. The result looks sensational!

30. Copper Highlights on Black Hair. Whether you are aiming for a long or short brunette balayage, metallic copper highlights would look splendid. They are bright yet elegant and give the look of soft sunset rays on your hair.

We bet you feel inspired and want to update your dark hair color. If so, go ahead and do it! Luckily, there is a perfect brunette balayage variation to flatter everyone. Choose the style that’s to your liking and try it out. And, most importantly, remember that you can always modify any idea to make it completely unique!

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