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50 Fabulous Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

Serena Piper

27. Shoulder-Length Layered Cut. Some medium length hairstyles are pretty much universal, like this one here. All you have to do is choose which twist you want to complement it with, be it a specific hue or styling technique.

Do you feel like you could do with a change? Would you like to transform your hairstyle into one that turns heads and is easy to style? You’ve come to the right place! Medium length layered haircuts are incredibly popular among women of all ages, face shapes, and hair types. Their versatile nature means there’s a cut to suit every woman – and the added benefit of layers means your hair will enjoy more shape, texture, and even volume (if you need it, of course!).

And now check out these super gorgeous medium length layered haircuts we’ve handpicked for you! They’ll provide the inspiration you seek for spicing up your shoulder-length hair.

1. Textured Bob for Straight Hair. One of the main advantages of bob hairstyles is their versatility. They look great on wavy hair – and even hotter on straight strands!

2. Messy Lob with Bangs. Medium layered hair has everything for that trending messy effect many fashionistas strive to achieve these days. The layers create volume and texture, while the curtain bangs add the final touch.

3. Medium Layered Bob. A bob haircut is always at the top of our list. Add layers – and enjoy the low-maintenance movement!

4. Layered Cut with Blunt Bangs. The cheeky medium length layered hair paired with strict blunt bangs is the sweetest combo out there! Besides, this hairstyle offers a great opportunity to conceal a big forehead.

5. Layered Medium Length Hair. Create an illusion of thickness and movement with this beautiful, choppy cut for medium length hair.

6. Uneven Messy Lob. What’s great about uneven layers for medium-length layered hair is that they look stunning, create a delicate, romantic look, and add texture to your hair. Besides, you don’t need any special skills to style this low-maintenance hairdo.

7. Medium Choppy Graduated Bob. Want a haircut that’s super fun and flirty? Choppy hair hits the spot! It’s a bold cut that creates definition and movement, while still looking easy and effortless.

8. Sleek Shoulder-Length Bob. If you’ve been blessed with sleek and smooth hair, upgrade it with swoopy layers! Adding highlights will intensify dimension and thickness.

9. Elegant Feathered Lob. This mid length layered hair is a one-fits-all solution. Not only does it suit ladies of any age, but it also looks incredible with every hair type. It has been created for mid-length hair!

10. Medium Haircut with Sliced Ends. To get one of those trendy lifted and voluminous medium layered hairstyles, ask your stylist for sliced ends. Not only do they add air to thick hair, but they can also make even the thinnest strands appear bright and lively.

11. Shaggy Medium-Length Layered Hair with Definition. If you bother to remove some bulk from thick tresses by allover layering, you will have all the chances to acquire lots of natural movement in addition to a slightly rough texture, which can be beautifully enhanced by a styling product.

12. Layered Medium Length Cut. Don’t be discouraged if you have fine hair and want to rock medium layered hair! With this beautiful choppy medium layered hairstyle, you will add extra volume to your hair, creating an effortless, delightful look.

13. Shoulder-Length Layered Cut. The addition of layers is a great way to refresh your look and try another shape for your casual hairstyle. The razored layers prevent the hair from looking too heavy. That’s why many girls appreciate short and medium layered shag haircuts.

14. Layered Midi Shag with Bangs. Without a doubt, many women love this particular shag variation because it delivers additional feminine vibes, making you look playful and classy. You can wear your hair loose without having to cut your long locks completely!

15. Voluminous Curly Shaggy Lob. If you have beautiful curly locks, this shoulder-length layered hair style will allow you to feel trendy and attractive all day long. Just wash your hair, scrunch it with a product, and appreciate the magnificence and simplicity of present-day shags.

16. Layered Ombre Style. The shoulder length layered hair featuring an irresistible ombre is just a whole new level of beauty! The layers will make the color gradient look especially attractive. This style allows you to shine whether you have straight or wavy hair.

17. Lively Wavy Layered Hairstyle. Curling your layered hair is another amazing way to show off the shaggy cut. Style your medium layered bob with distinct curls to have the lionesque volume and royal dimension.

18. Two-Layer Cut. If you are looking for low-maintenance medium length layered hairstyles, this gem will be to your liking. Ask your stylist to create two tiers that will enhance the hair’s natural bounce and enjoy the lovely result!

19. Gorgeous Gray Layered Hairstyle. Embrace and enhance your natural grays with a hot balayage style. Medium layered hair with silver highlights can easily liven up and refresh your tired hair.

20. Shaggy Layers and Bangs. Shaggy layers in medium layered haircuts are adorable and make your hair look thick and healthy. Besides, regardless of your hair color, beach waves would look perfect with this cut.

21. Layered Shoulder-Length Hair with Off-Center Parting. This combination of soft layers placed at the jaw level and plenty of disconnected pieces cut towards the bottom balances the prominent chin without much hassle.

22. Shoulder-Grazing Layered Wavy Bob. Curl up your shoulder-length layered hair and work your fingers through waves to achieve this elegant beachy style that will last a couple of days.

23. Bob Cut with Swoopy Layers. This is probably one of the most elegant hairdos for mid-length layered hair. The swoopy layers provide extreme volume and movement, and you can experiment by making them even, consistent, or asymmetrical.

24. Mid-Length Sliced Shag with Bangs. Imagine yourself in the early 90s inspired by an indie movie and try medium layered hair with bangs. The highest level of femininity!

25. Layered Medium Length Hair with Beige Blonde Balayage. This color scheme seamlessly blends warm and cool tones to arrive at a delicate yet dimensional blonde hairstyle, further volumized by long wispy layers.

26. Shoulder-Grazing Cut with Feathered Layers. Among many medium length layered hairstyles for straight hair, this old school one is a winner for all ages. Besides, it highlights your colored hair wonderfully.

27. Shoulder-Length Layered Cut. Some medium length hairstyles are pretty much universal, like this one here. All you have to do is choose which twist you want to complement it with, be it a specific hue or styling technique.

28. Voluminous Wavy Shag with Bangs. Full bangs are the best addition to shoulder-length medium layered haircuts. Let them flow into the shortest crown layers of your choppy wavy shag to achieve a playful lifted appeal when you curl those locks.

29. Medium Length Hair with Layers and Loose Waves. This charming shag with barely-there waves, choppy ends, and tiny strips of highlighted hair all around the head radiates summer vibes and a carefree mood, which makes it worth getting into your inspiration gallery.

30. Mid-Length Flipped-Up Layers. This fancy layered hairstyle with golden locks is a magical styling option. With a stunning shine and captivating texture, this hairdo will definitely make you want to look in the mirror more often.

31. Shaggy Shoulder Length Hair with Layers and Blunt Ends. Both the layers of this shag and the bents of the curtain bangs work great to deemphasize the squareness of the face while the blunt ends help to feign fullness.

32. Choppy Brunette Hair with Face Framing. The choppy layers of this cut inject tons of texture and volume into the hair, but the thing we like most about this wild hairstyle is how the layered bangs accentuate the cheekbones.

33. Stunning Caramel Brown Tones. Here’s a classy women’s hairstyle that suits at any age. We love the warm bronde tones and chunky layers, which together create a sophisticated effect.

34. Feathered Medium Layered Hairstyle. A luscious, flattering hairstyle for anyone looking to bring layers into their life!

35. Inverted Wavy Layered Lob. When your hair is wavy, and you’re lazy enough to avoid the styling fuss, an inverted bob will become your next ideal hairstyle. Soft side bangs can be a nice touch to balance out the frizzy hairdo.

36. Sun-Kissed Lob with Beach Waves. This medium layered hair gains more volume on the sides with some added curves and highlights, which is a perfect way to open and visually balance the narrow face.

37. Flipped-Under Medium Hair with Layers. This girl pays homage to the voluminous flipped-under bob we admired at the 90s supermodels, but she gives it a modern touch with caramel highlights and laid-back styling.

38. Shoulder-Length Hair with Butterfly Layers. The feathered finish of these gorgeous butterfly layers, which are seriously in vogue nowadays, are spiced up with tiny highlights making the flipped-out ends of the style feel even airier.

39. Messy Layers. Think you’d like a layered cut that’s on the modern side? There’s nothing trendier than this messy, slightly undone layered medium hairstyle.

40. Combed Over Mid-Length Hair with Layers. These honey blonde strands are chopped to the lob length for easier lift at the roots and enriched with texture and movement by a bit of layering and thinning out.

41. Peachy Blonde Layered Hair with Choppy Finish. Unlike thin-haired girls, ladies with thicker manes can safely opt for medium layered haircuts with heavily sliced-out ends to enjoy lots of dynamics on top of volume.

42. Textured Medium Bob. Changing your hairstyle is the first step to an image transformation. Tired of your old looks? Dare to go for a captivating layered medium cut as in the picture – and bring your hair to life with layers and a stunning multitude of hues.

43. Champagne Blonde Hair with Wispy Layers. This beautiful head of hair looks totally lightweight in the creamy blonde shade combined with the feathered exterior layers yet shows plenty of fullness on the bottom.

44. Haircut with Flipped Up Ends. With these dynamic long layers, medium hair looks absolutely gorgeous. Spice up your hairstyle with a bright color or trendy balayage highlights and flip up the ends of your layers for a fancy look.

45. Vanilla Blonde Hair with Face-Framing Layers. When properly adapted to a bone structure, medium-length layered hairstyles can work wonders, which is perfectly illustrated by this elongating straight lob that also adds angles to the round face.

46. Blonde Textured Bob. Adding lowlights to medium length layered haircuts creates visual depth and volume (making your hair look great even a few days after washing!).

47. Shattered Long Bob with Side Bangs. Here is another trick that comes in handy for softening the face line and breaking the wideness — combine wispy layers with a sweeping side fringe as this girl does.

48. Medium Layered Blonde. Here’s another version of a brilliant rooty blonde hairstyle layered to add volume and movement.

49. Flowy Piece-y Haircut for Medium Hair. The easiest cut that will have you showing off layers without much effort. Just blow your hair upside down, and the piece-y cut will take care of the rest.

50. Textured Shoulder-Length Bob. Choppy cuts frame the face and create an effortless, delightful look every time!

These beautiful medium length hairstyles will bring your hair to life and create a particularly striking look when paired with trendy hair colors of this season. Layers are a fantastic way to shape shoulder-length hair. They add volume to thin hair that desperately needs a boost, and can reduce weight in thick, heavy locks. We hope that this list of 50 gorgeous medium length layered haircuts has left you feeling inspired, with plenty of pictures to show to your stylist. Remember: confidence is what makes a hairstyle stand out, so wear it proudly!

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