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30 Creative Bowl Cut Hairstyles for Daring Women to Stand Out

Nkeiruka Obiwulu

You may be surprised to learn that the bowl cut was among the hottest hairstyles dominating the Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Week runways.

Surely, the modern iteration is nothing like the simple bowl cuts from your childhood. The revived versions are irrevocably bold, extremely diverse, customized to the hair texture, and upgraded with the elements of a pixie, bob, mullet, and whatnot.

30 Examples of the Modern Bowl Haircut

What remains unchanged is the focus on the face, which resonates with the current trend to channel individuality. The trendiest examples of modern bowl cuts are shown below.

1. Shaggy Bowl Cut Hair. Here you can see a modern tousled shag packed into a bowl-shaped cut to show off the texture of the bushy thick hair and allow for effortless styling.

2. Asian Bowl Cut with Layers and Undershave. Both the shaved bottom and the layered top of this handsomely textured style do a great job of maximizing the volume at the crown.

3. Short Back, Long Front Haircut. Here is an edgy bowl cut version for girls with thinner hair, with the dark undercut creating depth and the long bangs delivering fullness in the front.

4. Voluminous Bowl Cut for Black Hair. This eggplant-tinted hairstyle happily couples the volume of the bowl cut with the sharp and tight sideburn pieces of the pixie.

5. Effortless Bowl Hair Cut with Highlights. Apart from the nice lift in the back and the lush body in the front, this layered style has plenty of movement and texture masterfully accentuated by the golden blonde highlights.

6. Bowl Cut Mullet in Pastel. Following the general “business in the front, party in the back” rule, this mullet and bowl cut combo adds a touch of pastel to customize the formula.

7. Undercut with Violet Spikes. A dreamy amethyst shade is paired here with sassy spikes at the crown and full choppy bangs, which, together with the undercut, help to spotlight the face.

8. Classic Women’s Bowl Cut. This gamine style is cut with the utmost precision to showcase the sleek, shiny finish of the burgundy hair and the authentic geometry of the bowl cut.

9. Electric Green Bowl Cut with Fangs. From light mint-green to deep emerald, this avant-garde style oozes greenness and startles us with the longer strands breaking the linearity of the bowl cut.

10. Piece-y Blush Bowl Cut. It’s a bang-on idea to swap a dark root melt for a pop of pink, which still creates depth yet transforms an ordinary blonde hairstyle into a stunning flamingo-inspired look.

11. Smooth and Shiny Copper Pageboy. A simple shape with just a dab of layering for better bounce on the bottom is everything this radiant copper hair needs to make a splash.

12. Mushroom Bowl Cut with a Chunky Feel. This silver blonde hairstyle with a chunky finish around the edges and a clean neckline mimics the mushroom silhouette that has been trendy for several years.

13. Short Bowl Cut with Long Side Bits. This super-cropped style with bold micro bangs gets far more piquant with a face frame provided by the ultra-long strands on the temples.

14. Highlighted Bob-Length Hair. This cute child of a side-swept bob and a long bowl cut has its straight exterior subtly texturized and artistically highlighted for dimension and movement.

15. Short and Textured Bowl Cut. Unlike the modern trendy Korean bowl cut, which is usually styled pin-straight, this version gains texture and dynamics with some feathered layers on the crown.

16. Ashy Blonde Bowl Cut. This silvery style blurs the accurate lines of the classic bowl cut with the help of the delicately sliced-out ends and the top pieces of different lengths.

17. Jet-Black Bowl Cut with Mohawk Tail. Here is an esoteric bowl cut for a girl daring to rock a hairstyle with fierce edges around the crown, a drastic side shave, and a tuft of layered strands in the back.

18. Blunt Turquoise Bowl Cut. We are stunned by how the delicate shade of light turquoise plays with the strong blunt edges of the cut and its edgy spikes.

19. Golden Blonde Wedge Haircut. While the golden blonde highlights against the dark base bring in lots of dimension, the V cut in the back adds even more interest to the style.

20. Tousled Wavy Bowl Cut. This texture-rich hybrid blends a mullet, a shag, and a bowl cut to derive max volume, release waves, and retain body in the hair.

21. Choppy and Messy Bowl Cut. This beautiful head of copper hair is packed with movement and texture, and the rounded edges in the front give a flattering hug to the face.

22. Bobbed Bowl Cut with Gray Blending. Mature ladies can safely sport a longer version of the bowl cut, such as this crossover with an asymmetric bob seasoned with salt and pepper.

23. 90s Bowl Cut with a Polished Finish. Here is a sleeker and better-defined take on the iconic bowl cut worn by Demi Moore in the oh-so-romantic Ghost movie we can’t get enough of.

24. Striped Undercut Bowl Cut. Although the high undercut and the purple color enhanced by the shadow roots would be enough to make this bowl cut stand out, it adds a stripy accent to knock us down.

25. Shaved Bowl with a Lilac Top. The bald bottom in this style works great to emphasize the strong line around the bowl-cut perimeter, set off further by the darker roots under the lilac strands.

26. Modern Bowl Cut in Rose Gold. While the subtle layering and texturized ends keep this style up-to-date, the mix of pinkish, peachy, and blonde hues chimes well with the fair complexion.

27. Asymmetric Bowl Cut. This badass hairstyle pairs a good old stacked bob with a bowl-cut front and a buzzed side to construct a whole new asymmetric look, which is truly unique.

28. Hybrid Cut with a Play of Lengths. Not only does this daring style bring together a bowl cut and a mullet, but it also highlights the statement micro bangs against the elongated sideburns.

29. Canary Yellow Bowl Cut Haircut. In addition to the clean lines carved from the top to the bottom, this cut boasts a high-contrast black and yellow color combination that is hard to miss.

30. Permed Curly Bowl Cut. Whether your curly hair is natural or permed, a bowl cut with the shaved back and sides will create a stunning contrast for the ringlets to shine out.

We won’t be surprised to learn that after scrolling through our inspiring photo collection, you have a burning desire to get a bowl cut ASAP. Well, take a reference picture and head to a salon, and we will be waiting for your bold looks to pop on Instagram.