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50 Choppy Bobs Too Damn Good Not to Copy

50. This edgy cut is the epitome of voluminous hair. Layers, volume-conscious styling, and backcombing truly contribute to the hair that is full of body.

Choppy bobs are ideal for all hair types, as they create texture and remove bulk in poofy, thick hair, while also adding volume and movement to flat, thin hair. It’s a win-win look for short-to-medium hair we encourage you to try if something you’ve seen above has made a way to your heart.

The choppy bob is a contemporary take on the classic short bob. With tons of textured layers and movement, you can create a beachy vibe on the fly or polish hair with a straightening iron for a simple, sleek style. Versatile cuts like the ones we have picked for you here are key to an effortless, yet put-together look. With just a few tweaks in shape, there is a textured bob for just about anyone.

Check out these fifty styles sure to inspire you.

1. A blonde balayage accentuates the textured nature of the inverted bob. The rootiness of this ashy blonde allows for lots of depth.

2. Ultra-light highlights work beautifully with naturally curly locks. Lightening treatments, however, can take a toll on your hair, so make sure to utilize deep conditioners and leave-in treatments.

3. The key to a super-curly style is to start the ringlets at the root of the hair as opposed to the midshafts. You can also use a small barreled curling wand and alternate directions when curling the hair to produce the illusion of more curls.

4. A swoopy side fringe produces volume and can conceal “stress spots” where people may find their hair thinning.

5. If you’re thinking of going blonde, consider also opting for a shorter cut to remove the damage-prone ends that may be further injured by bleaching.

6. A cool-toned blonde is the perfect color for ladies with cool skin undertones, while a square shaped choppy cut complements a round face.

7. Long straight bangs can double as side swept bangs if needed. Simply sweep your fringe to the side and blowdry towards the back of the head or pin in place.

8. The choppy copper tresses make a statement. The fiery red balayage works especially well for skin with warm undertones.

9. A steeply angled bob produces a hairstyle with a unique and stand-out silhouette. Teasing the crown can enhance the slant by enhancing the lift.

10. Choppy bobs naturally encourage textured locks, however, you can further enhance the tousled effect of your layered cut by incorporating sporadic messy waves.

11. An inverted bob can either be steeply angled or subtle. Style those long face framing pieces to flatter your favorite facial features!

12. A blonde with a mix of warm and cool tones can complement any skin undertone.

13. A golden caramel brunette color is summery and pairs perfectly with a choppy bob haircut for a beach-inspired look. Simply spritz a sea salt spray from midshafts to ends and tousle the hair for an extra beachy vibe.

14. Short choppy bob works well with thin hair because it generates volume, texture, and movement that flat, fine hair normally lacks.

15. Thick wavy hair may benefit from a choppy stacked bob that utilizes layering techniques, removing unwanted bulk from the hair.

16. The gray-tinted blonde choppy layered bob is a great option for a woman transitioning to her silver locks. The silvery blonde masks the regrowth, while a cropped cut can remove the remnants of any previous dye jobs.

17. It’s so easy to style a long choppy bob: pick a straight or curly hairstyle, add some height with a backcombing technique, and run your fingers through your tresses for an undone, yet put-together look.

18. Big voluminous waves on a stacked choppy cut are trendy and fit for any age group. A simple subtle, balayage is the ideal match for such a haircut.

19. High contrast ombres, balayages, and standard highlights allow for more dimension, depth, and accentuate movement in the hair.

20. Sometimes a modest, monotone color with a textured haircut is all you need to create a beautiful and easy look. Adding in a light wave to the lower sections of your hair can generate essential volume.

21. Are you searching for an inverted bob but want to stand out? Opt for a sharply angled stack with layering in the crown to achieve an out-of-the-box shape.

22. Silver choppy styles are punky and edgy yet still sophisticated. Straighten your hair for a polished, refined hairstyle or soften a bold color with messy waves.

23. Many younger women try the gray hair trend today. However, embracing this style needs a polished, well-thought-out haircut to prevent your locks from looking wiry and unkempt. Adding shine with a dry oil spray can also promote a more refined look.

24. A very short textured bob is great for someone trying to transition out of a pixie cut and back into longer hair. Employing a stylish pixie bob cut can make the most out of the awkward in-between length.

25. When creating a wavy hairstyle for a textured bob, midshaft waves work perfectly. Once you have finished curling, tousle hair and let the layers settle, allowing for a beachy style that still doesn’t look like a beadhead.

26. Face-framing highlights on an inverted bob cut accentuate its angularity. Incorporating a light wave can enhance facial features depending on where the bends are placed.

27. Messy waves done with a thin barreled curling iron can generate some pretty mermaid-style curls and uniformity that balances their unkempt feel.

28. The texture of naturally wavy or curly hair is aptly delivered with a long choppy bob cut. Since curly hair tends to dry out easier than straight strands, always invest in maintaining moisture within your curls.

29. A mid-length blunt bob can be a plain-looking hairdo, but a difficult one to keep it perfectly styled. That’s why, if your hair is not naturally straight and sleek, opt for a choppy cut with sparse highlights and graduated sections to spice up your look and avoid the time-consuming styling.

30. Cool toned grays, previously only common among older women, are now making their way into the younger scene. With a new wide range of age-appropriate colors, you can pick almost any hair hue for your medium length cut no matter your age.

31. The side-parted peek-a-boo bob is sexy and sophisticated. To emphasize its sensuality, blow-dry hair with a round brush for extra body and tousle it with fingers.

32. Victoria Beckham, the queen of inverted bobs, perfected the rounded angled bob. The secret lies in the crown layers which employ the stacked technique to boost height and body in the back of the head.

33. The mark of a truly well-done balayage is how it appears on a straight style. This A-line bob is beautifully brightened by subtle highlights, more intense near the face and fading out towards the nape of the neck.

34. The textured ebony bob has an accurate shape and a standout texture. Employ leave-in conditioners and finishing sprays to maintain shine and prevent frizz.

35. A blunt bob captures the full-bodied volume of thick hair. A straightened hairstyle is the right way to accentuate the glossiness of a fresh cut.

36. Hairstyles with irregular bends on a rounded chin-length haircut add movement and grittiness to a soft look.

37. To tone down the waviness of a look or revive second-day curls, use a curling iron to generate small waves near the ends of the hair.

38. Slept-in hairstyles are the perfect canvas for a beachy wave. Use a dry shampoo and 1 1/4 curling iron to shape big body waves.

39. A square shaped cut provides a more structured look that works great if your want to lift up your face a bit.

40. What a cute asymmetrical bob! Teasing hair is a good way to provide fullness and body for thin hair. Always tease at the top of the head, gradually moving towards sides.

41. Overnight braids help to achieve wavy hairstyles without the damaging effects of heat styling. Simply divide hair into sections, braid, and wake up to beautiful waves.

42. Razored layers create a very fine-tuned graduation for added body and shape but without the apparent layering.

43. A bob with bangs takes a little more effort to style; straight full bangs work best for naturally straight hair.

44. Thick hair has natural volume and body. However, fuller hair can also lack movement and texture. Layering generates movement and dimension in thicker locks.

45. The middle part is clean, sleek, and elegant. For a messy chic style, try curling pieces of hair and combing through for a polished yet disheveled hairstyle.

46. Uniform wavy hairstyles can be skillfully broken up by a choppy, textured haircut. Midshaft waves are quick, easy and great at blending sleek roots with messy ends.

47. If you have thin hair, wavy and curly looks should be a staple in your hairstyling routine for the reasons of added movement, volume, and depth within your delicate tresses.

48. The square silhouette of the cut is softened by the cute straight-from-the-ocean waves.

49. A choppy shoulder-length bob with little to no layers is well suited to round faces as the lankiness of this cut can conceal the widest parts of the face.

50. This edgy cut is the epitome of voluminous hair. Layers, volume-conscious styling, and backcombing truly contribute to the hair that is full of body.

Choppy bobs are ideal for all hair types, as they create texture and remove bulk in poofy, thick hair, while also adding volume and movement to flat, thin hair. It’s a win-win look for short-to-medium hair we encourage you to try if something you’ve seen above has made a way to your heart.

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