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40 Most Beautiful Straight Hairstyles for Women with Straight Hair

Serena Piper

7. Braided Updo for Ombre Straight Hair. No wonder that loosely braided straight hairstyles are among the hottest for ombre hair. Check how smooth and dimensional this braid looks.

Straight Updo Hairstyle for Ombre Hair
By Vera

There are copious amounts of hairstyles for straight hair on the web. We have looked through them and sorted out the best ones, plus included a few useful tips on how to style straight hair using little to no accessories.

Dig into the collection and find one or two trendy straight hair hairstyles for every day of the week.

There are three types of straight hair: type 1a (perfectly pin-straight hair), type 1b (straight but with more body), and type 1c (has more body, has a bit of bend, is thicker/coarser than types 1a and 1b).

1. Slightly Wavy Wedding Hairstyle for Medium Straight Hair. It’s harder to do on your own but definitely consider this twisted low bun as an option for a big event.

2. Inverted Straight Bob. There’s a ton of gorgeous short straight hairstyles, but nothing quite speaks chic like the angled bob with a deep side part.

3. Rounded Lob with Multi-Tone Balayage. The best haircuts for straight hair are not limited to layers, which are accumulated around the face here, but also use sophisticated coloring to spice up straight locks and give them dimension without much cutting.

4. Boho Straight Hair with Braids. Whether you need a festival, birthday, or party hairdo, this is amazing for long straight hair! Random loose braids, tucked into a half-up knot are the way to live.

5. Balayage Straight Hair Wedding Hairstyle. A twisted low bun is an awesome idea for long balayage hair because it gives you all the chances to show off your exquisite blend of shades and the shine of your colored hair.

6. Prom Updo Hairstyle Idea. A complicated-looking hairdo, which is basically a twisted and loosened French braid, will look even prettier with some flowers as accessories.

7. Braided Updo for Ombre Straight Hair. No wonder that loosely braided straight hairstyles are among the hottest for ombre hair. Check how smooth and dimensional this braid looks.

Straight Updo Hairstyle for Ombre Hair
By Vera

8. Messy Bun with a Side Fishtail. See how easy it is to recreate straight hairstyles with braids at home. It’s just your usual messy low bun with a feed-in fishtail braid, but how cute it looks!

9. Straight Hair Updo for Colored Hair. There are different ways to show off your pretty balayage, not just curls. A voluminous French braid and wrap around pony can do it justice.

10. Shaggy Lob with Lowlights. Combining platinum blonde and dark chocolate shades in a patchy pattern leads to irresistible results! This mid-length cut, for instance, is among our favorite haircuts for straight hair this season.

11. Stacked Bob with Highlights. If you have short straight hair, you must have considered getting a bob. Picture this: a steeply angled shape with peek-a-boo highlights. If you like what you see, try it without any delay!

12. Shaggy Short Bob for Straight Hair. To not waste time on styling your hair, start with a great cut. Slightly shaggy, with tattered tips is just perfect.

13. Pin-Straight Hair with Layered Bangs. We love haircuts for straight hair that infuse otherwise flat tresses with texture, and this style reaches the goal effortlessly with the layered bangs and slightly sliced ends.

14. Bob-Short Straight Hair with Root Smudge. This lovely bob also falls into straight haircuts that employ a play of shades to bring out depth, while its point-cut ends and messy styling are in charge of texture and movement.

15. Low Chignon Updo for Straight Hair. Those wondering how to style straight hair into a swirly bun will be inspired by this amazing updo made from really short locks.

16. A-Line Lob for Fine Straight Hair. Although lobs are good for different types of straight hair, fine strands will look thicker with such a nearly blunt finish, and longer pieces in the front will make the whole style feel fuller.

Straight Inverted Lob Haircut
By Mika

17. Volume-Boosting Graduated Bob. This heavily layered bob will require more styling efforts but it has everything we want to see in straight hair cuts — tons of volume, distinct texture, an edgy look, and a dynamic feel.

18. Long Straight Hair with Feathered Ends. These before and after pictures clearly illustrate how the limp hair gains bounce and a flattering shape – with smartly placed layers and feathering.

19. Long Sun-Kissed Hair with Strategic Layers. Hairstyles for long straight hair don’t need to be heavily layered to acquire some movement, which is proven by this soft style with barely-there highlights and just a few layers.

20. Choppy Bob Haircut with Striking Asymmetry. If you are a cool girl fearing no challenges, try out this basically short textured bob with dramatically long front tresses.

21. Trendy Shoulder-Length Straight Hair with Face-Framing. This is another version of the A-line bob for straight hair that features gradual elongation toward the front balanced by shorter layers placed around the face.

22. Undercut Pixie with a Long Fringe. It’s a great option for ladies who follow hair trends. The fringe keeps the look voluminous, while the back is ragged and fun.

23. Tousled Blonde Straight Hair. A typical Insta-girl hairstyle that you won’t spend much time on in the morning. Slightly layered and tousled straight hair looks absolutely flawless.

24. Asymmetric Bob for Straight Hair. A side part and perfectly straight hair create a chic, refined look. Complement it with statement accessories, and the public’s attention is all yours.

25. Bleached Voluminous Shag. The shoulder-length straight hair looks awesome in this irresistible bleached shag. Contact an experienced colorist if you are afraid to compromise your hair’s health!

26. Curtain Bangs Straight Hair. Whether you decide to keep your long layered hair straight or add some flipped-up ends, curtain bangs will look gorgeous on you. Besides, why not add some subtle highlights for extra texture?

27. Balayage Straight Hair. A sight for sore eyes, the balayage that combines multiple delicious shades won’t let you down. Refresh your long straight hair with this dye job and enjoy its low maintenance.

28. Tousled Crown Braid. What can be more charming than a relaxed updo for long straight hair with bangs hanging loose! For this look, make a braid, wrap it around your head, pin, and leave some strands in the front out for a romantic look.

29. Side-Swept Short Hair. For the ladies who have been struggling to achieve volume in straight hair, a short bob is a great option. Blow-dry your hair, apply some mousse for an airy feel, and make a side part.

30. Fancy Updo for Fine Straight Hair. Create an illusion of extra voluminous hair by putting it away in a loose top bun. Teased roots with some free-flowing strands will look both full-bodied and elegant.

31. Sleek Knotted Bun for Naturally Straight Hair. Quick, easy, and absolutely fashionable. You can do it simply by twisting your long straight hair and then tying a knot. Pin it down and that’s it.

32. Pin-Straight Hairstyle with Bangs. Straight sleek bangs can look absolutely stunning with a sharp short bob done on naturally straight blonde hair.

33. Tucked-In Banana Bun. It’s cute and fresh! So easy for straight shoulder-length hair, you could use a special clip to help you put the locks away with minimal effort.

34. Straight Bob Hairstyle. Nothing beats the classics. A good blunt bob is perfect for straight hair, especially if you prefer a medium length.

35. High Bun for Straight Hair with Waves. If Jennifer Lopez once rocked it to the red carpet, why can’t you? Simplicity is key.

36. Braided French Twist for Ladies Over 60. Today’s hairstyles know no age. With an elegant updo like this twisted bun complemented by a little braid, you’ll feel like you’re 18 again!

37. Medium Length Hairstyle for Straight Hair. Nothing is prettier than a very simple wrap around ponytail to go with your everyday outfit. When in a rush, tease your shoulder-length hair and pull it back into a little pony.

38. Loose Braided and Tucked Updo. Straight hairstyles for women are as versatile as curly ones. The main goal with straight hair is root volume. Subtle balayage highlights are very welcome too.

39. Bouffant with Pins for Straight Hair. A great way to see if an undercut suits you! Just straighten the hair and pin down the sides.

40. Sleek Hairstyle for Thick Hair. One of those to point out your fiery nature and status when you feel like the day will have you making a life-changing statement.

We hope that these 40 outstanding haircuts and hairstyles for straight hair have convinced you that straight hair is anything but boring! Haven’t they? Comment below!

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