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40 Trendy Purple Highlights Ideas Your Hair Colorist Will Approve

6. Dirty-Blonde Hair with Purple Highlights. This fabulous blonde hair with purple highlights makes us understand what the purple hair highlights rave is all about. When you want to pull a super-foxy, á la mode appearance, purple highlights are your best bet.

Purple highlights are very versatile and they top the chart as the most fanciful hair color for both bold and daring fashionistas, as well as shy and demure ladies with good taste.

We have compiled a comprehensive purple hair highlights look book just for you. You’ll find the trendiest and most fascinating purple hair pictures that will surely tickle your fancy. Dive in!

1. Black Hair with Subtle Purple Highlights. Lilac highlights look exceptionally sensational on black hair. Dress up your shaggy black lob with purple touches here and there.

2. Hide-And-Seek Purple Highlights. A mesmerizing shade of platinum blonde with purple highlights underneath. A trendsetting hairstyle for ultra-chic and trendy girls.

3. Light Brown Hair with Purple Highlights. Radiant purple highlights on the base of shimmering light brown hair. The red undertone of her hair is so appealing.

4. Lilac Highlights. Even the slightest touch of the right color makes a whole world of difference. The sprinkle of lilac highlights makes a fascinating fashion statement that’s too attractive to be ignored.

5. Medium Brown Hair with Purple Highlights. For those who prefer subtle purple highlights, this lustrous brown hair with barely-there purple highlights may just be what you’re looking for.

6. Dirty-Blonde Hair with Purple Highlights. This fabulous blonde hair with purple highlights makes us understand what the purple hair highlights rave is all about. When you want to pull a super-foxy, á la mode appearance, purple highlights are your best bet.

7. Partial Purple Highlights. A great way to rock your purple hair if you work in a strict and formal work environment. Restrict the plum highlights to a few strands on both sides of your face. This way you obey the office rules and still do your thing, and everyone is happy.

8. Gray and Pastel Purple Highlights. Let your hair do all the work. You just relax and glow with pride as all eyes stay fixed on your show-stopping, spectacular purple hair.

9. Purple Money Pieces on Short Hair. Whether your mane is chin-length or hip-length, purple highlights look good on all hair lengths. A few purple streaks in the hair make for a compelling and attractive look.

10. Bright Violet Highlights. To add pizzazz to your appearance, throw in some bright violet highlights into your natural hair color. You’ll be amazed at the instant transformation.

11. Purple Peek-A-Boo Highlights. The more you look, the more you see. Peek-a-boo highlights are a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can hide the purple highlights inside for a prim and proper look or shake them out for a fancier hairstyle.

12. Plum Front Highlights on Blonde Hair. Jazz up your gray blonde hair with purple highlights for a super-fashionable look. The streaks of plum highlights here and there, and the more conspicuous face-framing strands are so cute.

13. Curly Black Hair with Purple Highlights. Curly hair is ever gorgeous, but it goes from being just gorgeous to drop-dead gorgeous with the introduction of purple highlights into your hair.

14. Black Roots with Purple Highlights. Let the sparkles in your hair chime with the sparkles in your eyes. A befitting hair color should particularly flatter the beauty of your eyes. Just as her black hair with purple tips does.

15. Chunky Purple Highlights. The arrangement of her purple highlights is attention-grabbing and the blend of brown and purple hair is mesmeric. It’s a fairly bright hairstyle but not over the top.

16. Violet Highlights on Black Hair. Make your black hair even more vivid. A bold and vibrant shade of violet highlights on rich black hair. Yes, please!

17. Pastel Lilac and Plum Highlights. Strike a perfect balance with this adorable blend of light brown and purple hair. Keep the purple hair highlights more pronounced around the face for the wow effect.

18. Wavy Hair with Dark Purple Highlights. This amazing combo of deep beach waves and dark plum hair with dark purple highlights is an absolute head-turner.

19. Pastel Purple Medley. Some girls really do know how to steal the spotlight! The gorgeous light brown and platinum blonde with purple highlights is magnificent.

20. Periwinkle Highlights. A pale hue of purple color with a hint of midnight-blue undertones. Periwinkle highlights are one trendy purple hair idea you really need to try out.

21. Purple Highlights for the Ends. If you’ve got lovely blue eyes like hers, try complementing them with a beautiful tint of purple in your hair. Her blonde hair with purple highlights in various shades is super-stunning.

22. Short Bob with Plum Highlights. Revamp your bob with some haze of purple highlights. You’ll be amazed at how classy and chic you look.

23. Dark Hair with Purple Highlights. One of the upsides of black hair is its readiness to complement most vibrant colors. Dark hair with purple highlights is absolutely enthralling. Glossy, with high luminosity and lots of dimension.

24. Light Brown Hair with Pastel Purple Highlights. This is the kind of hair color you should go for if what you have in mind is to effortlessly stand out from the crowd without appearing too bold. Both hair colors are laid-back, but when placed side-by-side, they create a very unique and fascinating effect.

25. White Hair with Purple Highlights. The flamboyance of these stunning purple balayage highlights that start with lavender mid-shaft and end with purple tips is out of this world.

26. Purple Highlights on Reddish-Brown Hair. If you’re naturally blessed with reddish hair, you can never go wrong with some dainty purple highlights. When purple and warm brown tresses merge, the result is simply mind-blowing. It gives the hair an illusion of reflecting different shades of purple.

27. Brown Hair with Purple Highlights. Achieve a ritzy and classy look with these amazing violet highlights on light brunette hair.

28. Purple Lowlights. Here is a fantastic purple hair idea for blondes. Bring in streaks of purple lowlights to make your blonde hair alluringly beautiful.

29. Purple Highlights for Long Hair. Make your mane enticingly luminous and gorgeous by getting some purple streaks in your hair. Her elegant hairstyle is an ideal purple hair idea for color-shy ladies.

30. Purple Balayage Highlights. If you want a low-maintenance hairstyle with an unusual hair color, try midshaft-to-ends pastel purple highlights. The effect is super-chic and dramatic.

31. Mauve Highlights. Going for dark hair with purple highlights? We recommend the ever-vibrant mauve highlights. The stunning luminosity and dimension are well worth the effort.

Vibrant Mauve Highlights for Dark Hair
By Anna

32. Golden Brown Hair with Purple Highlights. Here’s another beautiful idea for brown hair. Lovely brown blonde and light purple highlights. The graceful blend of blonde, purple, and brown is just amazing.

33. Purple Face-Framing Highlights. So stylish and irresistibly beautiful! The shape of her blunt bob with a center part is awesomely chic, but what puts the bling on her hairstyle is that alluring dye job with face-framing lavender highlights and a reverse rosewood ombre.

34. Brunette Hair with Purple Highlights. Some cool purple highlights peeking out of golden bronde hair. A lovely brunette with purple highlights always attracts attention.

35. Classic Lob with Purple Highlights. If you like it posh and flawless, this style is exactly for you. Her classic A-line black lob with dark purple highlights is just stylish and sophisticated.

36. Gray Hair with Purple Highlights. Certain shades of gray hair do appear dreary and unattractive. A splash of color, such as these purple hair highlights will bring out the shine and add a fanciful flair to gray hair.

37. Red Hair with Purple Highlights. This purple hair highlights with warm tones of red hair are incredibly beautiful. The luminosity is simply fascinating.

38. Pastel Purple Highlights. Those adorable chunky stripes of purple highlights took the sultry beauty of her Korean long bob several notches higher.

39. A Mix of Purple Shades for Hair. Check the contrast between the two hair colors and you can’t help but admit that purple hair highlights are the bomb. There’s this lively warmth they lend to your face.

40. Ash Pastel Purple Highlights. Her hair looks dazzling in its delicate beauty. A very fanciful and glamorous purple hair color idea for fashionable babes.

We are quite confident that you have found one or two purple highlights ideas to show your hair colorist on your next visit. Go for it, darling. You deserve the very best.

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