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50 Super-Flattering Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

Serena Piper

40. Sleek Bob with Dimensional Balayage. The razor cut ends create a sleek and sophisticated feel which is so on-trend right now. A fantastic option for those with long thick hair looking to change it up a bit!

Do you want to make your thick locks more manageable? Cut it off! Here are 50 chic short hairstyles for thick hair that will never make you regret your big chop!

Have you been blessed with naturally thick hair? Then you possess one of the most enviable hair types. You’ll never have to deal with flat, limp hair or worry about making your hair look fuller. Lucky! That said, heavy hair can be a struggle. Long, thick hair takes forever to style and requires countless products just to make it brushable! That’s where short hairstyles for thick hair come in. They’re sophisticated, stylish – and so much easier to manage! Plus, with options to suit all face shapes and hair types, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Check out these 50 super chic short hairstyles for thick hair that are guaranteed to inspire your new hairdo!

1. Gorgeous Wispy Pixie Cut. If you’re a fan of softer and smoother layers, opt for a wispy cut similar to this one. It will create gradual changes in length – and a flowing frame around your face.

2. Feathered Stacked Bob. If this stunning feathered hairstyle doesn’t make you want to chop your hair off, we don’t know what will! It’s glamorous and casual at the same time.

3. Long Feathered Pixie. We absolutely love this feathered cut! It’s ultra-feminine – and seriously flattering.

4. Messy Long Pixie. Pixie cuts for thick hair can be both cheeky and elegant. The messy elongated variation is equally perfect for crazy nights out and peaceful family gatherings. Blow-dry your hair and apply mousse to define strands. Curl with a flat iron.

5. Feathered Bob with Lifted Crown. Ladies with short thick hair can make volume their best ally. For instance, this bob with a lifted crown and feathered strands is an excellent way to tame unruly hair.

6. Tousled Pixie with Swoopy Bangs. A modern reference to the roaring 20s’, this pixie looks especially stunning when complemented with massive earrings. If you opt for shorter cuts like this one, be ready to dedicate about 20 minutes to style your hair every morning.

7. Fringed Stacked Hairstyle for Thick Hair. Lose the thickness and not the gorgeousness. Layered long with lengthy fringes hanging over the face, this style is absolutely chic. Thу thick hair short haircut removes the weight and accentuates your beautiful jawline and neck.

8. Two-Tone Choppy Crop. This choppy short hairstyle for thick hair features a textured haircut to make your hair feel lighter and more carefree.

9. Choppy Pixie-Bob Haircut. Short bob haircuts are crazy easy to style. You just need a good styling product. So, a bob cut might just be exactly what your thick hair needs to get it under control. A choppy short hairstyle like this one offers your hair movement and less styling stress.

10. A-Line Bob with Balayage. How to make bobs for thick hair look even more gorgeous? By adding balayage, of course! This hairdo frames the face beautifully and doesn’t even require layers to be voluminous!

11. Cute Choppy Pixie. The pixie cut is one of the short thick hairstyles that never go out of trends. Choose choppy layers and side bangs to add a fresh touch to this iconic hairdo. Whether you’re blonde, brunette, or red-haired, this style is a sure stunner!

12. Short Thick Hair with Sassy Undercut. This edgy cut pairs a neat perimeter with piece-y bangs and extra choppiness in the front to accentuate the density of the hair around the crown with closely cut temples and nape.

13. Choppy Pixie Cut. This is an edgier version of a pixie – and it looks adorable! We’re huge fans of the well-blended blonde highlights.

14. Undercut Pixie Bob. The pixie bob shape is extremely flattering for thick hair. Add a twist to this style by curling the long bangs outwards and creating a shaggy transition to the rest of the hair layers.

15. Long, Layered Pixie. Do you find it hard to find a flattering short hairstyle for a long face? Pixies are the way to go! We absolutely love this long pixie with layers – as well as its smoky brown hair color.

16. Playful Pink Tones. Pink hair is one of the latest trends in the hairstyles world – and we think it looks fantastic on short, thick hair.

17. Mushroom Brown Bob. Another hot color trend is mushroom brown hair. The highlights do wonders in adding dimension, and intrigue to the hairstyle.

18. Short Stacked Bob. One of the classic short hairstyles for thick hair, this bob oozes elegance and grace. Take advantage of your voluminous mane without the feeling of too much hair on your head.

19. Short Bob with Sliced Layers. A lot is going on in this style, but it all serves one purpose – making thick hair look even more glorious! The razored choppy layers, highlights, and a side part create a beautiful look.

20. Thick Hair Pixie. Yes! Pixie cuts for thick hair work! You only need to ensure that the haircut you choose is textured and layered so it doesn’t appear bulky.

21. Voluminous Short Cut. There are few short haircuts for thick hair that look as neat as this one. If masterfully cut, this style will always appear runway-ready. We recommend trying a silver or platinum blonde hair color for a pure and flawless feel!

22. Tousled Feathered Crop. If you are tired of classic short hairstyles for thick hair, this shaggy cut is here to sweep you off your feet. A deep part, tousled layers, and uncombed bangs are the ultimate trio for a perfect short shag.

23. Layered Pixie with Long Bangs. A layered pixie really works in favor of thick coarse hair. By sweeping the layered hair to a side, you get a flattering shape and a nice lift. This not only makes your hair look less heavy but also gives it a funky vibe. So stylish!

24. Thick Short Hair with Jagged Ends. Minimal layers with razored ends in the back gave this short thick hair an outstanding classy flair. The textured layers removed the weighty hooded tent look of a traditional bob.

25. Very Short Bob for Thick Hair. Can’t decide between a regular bob and a pixie? Then go for this classy style. You only need to learn how to style short thick hair to match the aesthetic you’re after.

26. Short Bob with Undercut. No need to hide your tomboyish side! Embrace and emphasize it with an ultra-short undercut bob. It is a cheeky yet graceful styling option that we can’t get enough of!

27. Modern Soft Feathered Mullet. This style with tousled layers is not your average mullet but rather a fashion statement that draws inspiration from the 80s’. This hairdo substitutes the edgy lines of the classic version for a softer shape.

28. Stacked Bob with Airy Highlights. Keep in mind your texture when choosing short haircuts for thick hair since straight strands may lack movement and feel bulky, which can be fixed easily with some exterior highlights.

29. Charming Bob for Wavy Thick Hair. Here’s another gorgeous version of the stacked bob – only on a darker, one-tone hair color. It’s one of the most popular short haircuts for thick hair – and that doesn’t surprise us.

30. Thick Hair Pixie Hairstyle with Bangs. If you like bangs, there is no reason not to use them to spice your short hairstyles for thick hair. Curtain bangs and wispy bangs look stunning in short pixies and bob hairstyles.

31. Side-Parted Pixie-Bob. Long thick hair is beautiful and eye-catching yet some women choose to go for that big chop to get a low-maintenance look. Thick hair short haircuts like this blunt bob don’t require much upkeep.

32. Stacked Feathered Bob. Your stylist can use angles and layers to give your bobbed hair a modern twist. Angling your thick hair towards the front reduces the bulkiness of thick hair.

33. Side-Parted Bixie with Elongated Temples. This smart girl adapts a bixie cut not only to her hair type but also her face shape by breaking the roundness with a choppy fringe and giving it elongation with the lifted crown and longer side pieces.

34. Grown-Out Pixie in Mushroom Brown. Thick hair short haircuts with layering work in two directions — they release your locks from excess weight to create lift at the roots and save your style from appearing boxy by lending some shape.

35. Textured Bob with Copper Highlights. Why not add a touch of sophistication to your short thick dark hair by incorporating a few copper highlights? They will draw attention but softly – without screaming for it.

36. Short Tapered Hairstyle. Veer off a standard pixie and incorporate layers and highlights to upgrade your short thick hair. Your cut gets more movement and looks fancier this way. The back should be tapered for a lifted feel.

37. Long Straight Pixie. The pixie cut is the king of short layered haircuts! Suitable for all ages and face shapes (with the right adaptation), it’s the ultimate hairstyle for those looking to reduce the time it takes to style hair.

38. Voluminous Bob with Side Bangs. While choppy cuts often demand advanced styling skills, this classy bob upgraded with layers around the ends promises low maintenance, provided you can at least handle a round brush and a dryer.

39. Cool Silver. The gray hair trend continues to receive plenty of praise and remains popular worldwide; do we need to tell you why? This gorgeous silver pixie is everything we could ever want from short hair!

40. Sleek Bob with Dimensional Balayage. The razor cut ends create a sleek and sophisticated feel which is so on-trend right now. A fantastic option for those with long thick hair looking to change it up a bit!

41. Icy Blonde Cut for Thick Hair. Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Here’s another option for those willing to go for a big chop! The undercut is a unique detail that will make styling faster and more efficient, since the long spiky layers stand out perfectly against it.

42. Polished Crop with Piece-y Texture. This stylish pixie catches the eye with its perfect shape and tidy feel, which doesn’t prevent it from radiating tons of texture created by the thinned-out pieces on the crown.

43. Short Shag with Side Bangs. The rebellious nature of shags makes them the most hassle-free option among thick short hair styles, especially if you have little or no wave in your mane.

44. Choppy Short Haircut for Thick Hair. Blunt ends and choppy layers help to make your thick coarse hair appear thinner. Part your hair to the side to angle the layers and add movement.

45. Effortless Pixie with Long Top Strands. We know it can be tricky to tame short hairstyles for thick hair, but longer tresses at the top will give you better manageability and more styling options.

46. Highlighted Stacked Bob. Thick, straight hair will look fantastic in a stacked bob! Add subtle highlights – and you’ve got the perfect combo of elegance and style.

47. Wedge Hairstyle. Wedge hairstyles are shorter in the back and gradually increase in length towards the front. It’s a lovely hairstyle – that’s also very low-maintenance. If you’re looking for an easier way to manage thick frizzy wavy hair – this hairstyle’s your best bet!

48. Graduated Thick Hair Bob. Stacking your bob in the back can ease off the heaviness of your hair. Short stacked layers hitting the nape of your neck give your thick hair bob a lighter feel.

49. Long Pixie with Face Framing. This pixie is kept on the longer side all around and has soft bangs flowing down into the side tresses to hug the face in the most flattering manner.

50. Cute Wavy Bob. Last but not least – here’s another version of this super trendy angled cut with layers in the back! Ideal for wavy hair (but will work on straight hair, too – with a decent curler).

So, there you have it – the ultimate list of the best short haircuts for thick hair! There are lots of short length haircuts that look flattering on women with thick hair – from very short hairstyles for the brave – to longer ones for those who would still like to keep some length. We hope that these stunning short hairstyles for thick hair have left you feeling inspired, and full of ideas on what to do with your hair next!

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