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50 Stunning Neck Length Haircuts That Will Dazzle in 2021

49. Neck-Length Braided Hair. With lacy crown braids dipping into the flowy neck-length waves, the half-updo is functional, fashionable, and a real head-turner. The finest of the updos that will work in a range of settings.

If you’re looking to change your appearance, why not try one of these dynamic hairstyles for neck length hair? Be as daring or as traditional as you like – there are plenty of stunning styles to choose from!

Seeking a glow-up that looks stylish and professional? You can’t go wrong with one of current neck length hair options out there. Be it a new ‘do for a job interview, or a makeover for a night out, the neck length is sure to garner the right reactions. Read on for thirty classy examples of trendy cuts with layers and with bangs (or without any) that can give you the boost you’re looking for.

1. Asymmetric Neck-Length Cut. The charm of this asymmetric cut is all the more thrilling given how easy it is to maintain. It’s also lots of fun to accessorize with necklaces or earrings that showcase the shape.

Asymmetric Neck-Length Cut Without Bangs
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2. Classic Neck-Length Shag. Sometimes the classics are the best, and the shag cut was one of the most requested hairstyles in the 1970s. It still looks groovy in the modern era, framing the eyes with simple soft bangs.

3. Feathered Rounded Bob. Offering ageless glamor, the face-framing feathered strands of this carefree hairstyle are sure to attract compliments. It’s a longer bob with strands that will really showcase the high and low tones of your fresh balayage hair color.

4. Ash-Blonde Balayage. This luxuriant coif has a certain ethereal look to it and makes the best of the shoulder length hair with an eye-catching sweep that draws attention to the face; best worn with subtle metallic eyeshadow.

5. Shaggy Wavy Mob. Longer than your average bob, the wavy mob with messy bangs is a perfect carefree chop that exudes confidence and fun. The subtly textured layers make this a perfectly playful coif.

6. Mid-Neck Length Hair. What better way to enjoy beachy vibes than with a wavy textured cut that uses every millimeter of your neck length hair? Copper brown or beach blonde balayage solutions are perfect color compliments to the look.

7. A-Line Stacked Haircut. With its smoothed edges and carefree layers, this stacked cut is not the most severe option for those looking to rock neck-length hairstyles, but it will stand out.

8. Concave Bob. This daring look particularly suits black hair, though it’s a strong enough shape to work with any color. Tapering to a longer front, it’s the classic of its kind and the sleekest way to wear neck-length hair.

9. Short Bob with Volume. Stopping just below the chin, the well-worked tresses shown here deliver the right frame for the face, while the volume in the back gives a boxy shape and some extra weight to the luxurious bob cut.

10. Messy Neck-Length Hair. A stylish, trendy cut with a definite sense of glamor, the only effort this super-chic look will need before you go out is a little teasing. It’s low-maintenance but high-impact.

11. Messy Neck Length Bob. An 80s inspired classy cut with volume and impeccable layers styled messy. Pair it with a hot, bright make-up and a bold outfit – and your eye-catching look is all done.

12. Neck Length Hair with Bangs. Neck length styles have become a total hit in the past few years. Medium hair is versatile and oozes a certain effortless French appeal. Tease the crown up slightly and finish the hairstyle with some beachy waves.

13. Neck-Length Layered Bob. Thanks to so many aspects working together – the smart use of color, the carefully careless layers, and the airy shape – this dramatic look is perfect when you need to make an impression.

14. Wavy A-Line Haircut. For slightly longer locks, the charming cut falling across the eyes reminds us of the best starlets on the silver screen. Looking both done-up and undone, this is an elegant, standout look.

15. Neck-Length Updo with Texture. The perfect hairstyle for accentuating your neck in all its glory, the daring updo accommodates the curled layers that look almost accidental – but they’re most definitely very deliberate and very chic.

16. Asymmetric Hairstyle with Undershave. A super-edgy look that takes confidence to pull off, here’s a ‘do that accentuates your face in all the right places. It’s at home on the catwalk, but it will also work anywhere.

17. French Bob with Half-Moon Bangs. An exceptionally cute bob with a strong Parisian vibe, this one is for all the pixies out there. The mid neck length cut customized to flatter the wearer’s face, the style just screams “chic”.

18. Neck-Length Naturally Curly Cut. And here’s a perfect bob for natural hair wearers. The scissor work on such a tightly layered style gives the symmetry that suits round faces in this shape and length.

19. Braided Neck-Length Updo. Shorter hair can be arranged into a classy updo to suit both formal and informal occasions. It blends all the necessary elements most modern updos feature – a bouffant, braid, and messy texture.

20. Center-Parted Mid-Neck Cut. A choppy classic that provides a little bit of camouflage when you’re feeling shy? Or a chic bob that accentuates your best features? Either way, the look is warm and effortless.

21. Neck-Length Hair for Special Occasions. Here we have a beautiful twisted hairstyle that may be worn to any occasion imaginable, be it a beach party, date night, wedding or prom. The half updo is effortlessly flattering and can be done within 5 minutes.

22. Cute Teased Bob. Flattering for oval, long, and heart-shaped faces, this chic haircut is a famous classic, delivering a striking framing for your features. One of the iconic neck length haircuts.

23. Neck-Length Razor Cut. If there is a facial feature you want to accentuate, then this shaggy bob is the perfect ‘do for you, offering an outstanding platform for any look you’re keen to rock. Make flyaways fashionable!

24. Shaggy Layered Neck Length Hair. The fuzzy curtain bangs are a neat addition to the cute shaggy hairstyle. Neck length hair is super easy to style. Just use some texturizing spray or wax to create a tousled wet look, and you’re all set.

25. Neck Length Cut with a Deep Side Part. With bob-length hair, it may seem like there’s not much room to play with, but in fact, you can fit lots of style and color in there. Voluminous bents and soft shades of blonde are a match made in heaven.

26. Naturally Curly Collar Length Hair. Show off your beautiful small ringlets with a layered cut. Texture it with some product, choose your favorite parting, and you’ll get an effortlessly chic everyday style.

27. Angled Neck Length Haircut. An elegant asymmetrical hairstyle that will perfectly suit girls who love everything low-maintenance. It also helps to create some natural volume and perfect shape, thus making your hair appear a bit thicker.

28. Neck Length Hair with Long Bangs. Frame your face and highlight the cheekbones with some soft cascading layers. The long side-parted fringe flows nicely into the rest of the length and draws attention to the perfect jawline.

29. Stacked Neck Length Hairstyle with Layers. Inverted haircuts add the much-needed volume and dimension to the hair. Top it off with some wavy strands for a classy casual feel.

30. Half-Up Half-Down Neckline Haircut. There are plenty of neck length hairstyles to rock on an everyday basis, but the cute half-up hairdo with loose pieces along your face is absolutely the best of them.

31. Money Pieces on Neck Length Hair. A hairdo that stands out thanks to a soft A-line cut and bright money pieces to spice up your look. A very trendy idea if you want something fresh this season.

32. Neck Length Curly Hair. Curly hair is usually viewed as unruly and unfit for shorter cuts. But with proper layers along with the right styling products, you get an absolutely adorable style with a raggedy appeal. Thicker hair may not even need waxes and gels, it all depends on how you prefer to wear it.

33. Black Hair Neck Length Bob. Healthy black hair is beautiful whether natural or straightened. The cut has lots to offer in terms of shape and perfectly layered ends – so this sleek side-parted Michelle Obama meets Rihanna bob will absolutely add the desired spice to your look.

34. Wavy Shoulder-Length Hair. A romantic style with a side part and soft waves can easily turn any look into something elegant and sweet. It’s effortless and low-maintenance, and the length also allows playing around with color.

35. Neck Length Haircut for Thin Hair. Stylists have a bunch of tricks up their sleeves to make thin hair appear puffier. Firstly, darker roots can lift the style a little to make it airier. Next, curtain bangs – these let you choose where to concentrate the volume and correct your face shape if necessary.

36. Red Curly Neck Length Hair. Show off your vibrant nature and feisty character with a head full of bouncy curly ringlets. By adding some stacked layers, you provide the cut with the ever-lasting volume, and the locks remain defined and textured.

37. Pin-Straight Neck Length Hair. Nothing beats a good old classic. The smooth A-line bob that barely touches the collarbone accentuates the lower half of your face and suits both thick and thin hair.

38. Neck Length Hair for Round Faces. A trick to lift some weight off your face when it appears a little heavier than you’d like is to keep your haircut a bit angled to the front. An asymmetrical stacked cut not only gently brings out your best features, but also flatteringly distributes the volume of your hair.

39. Choppy Neck Length Hair. If your hair has enough volume and air on its own, change things up a notch with a soft bronde balayage and a choppy cut. Style it with beachy waves for a look that’s suitable for literally any occasion.

40. Thick Hair Neck Length Haircut. Thick waves always make a statement. A soft razored cut is a cool choice for the girls who aren’t quite ready for drastic changes but wish to add something different to their casual looks.

41. Blunt Blonde Neck-Long Cut. Catwalk-worthy neck length haircuts often feature blunt shapes. The rounded silhouette in the back creates a constantly lifted, accurate look highly recommended for straight hair.

42. Textured Cut with Bangs. There is no better ‘do for accentuating a longer neck than a cute inverted bob – the cut with longer front strands to frame the face softly and stylishly.

43. Neck-Length Curls. Delivering an outstanding, fierce frame, this short neck length bob is tousled and unfussy but reveals more chic when you look at it closer. Wear this one with confidence!

44. Wispy Neck-Length Hair with Bangs. Stepping back to the 1980s, this bob offers a cute idea for fine blonde hair. Bringing an unmistakable Blondie vibe, you’ll rock an effortless and cool hairstyle that can’t be matched.

45. Uneven Tousled Cut. A lob that you can make work with thin hair, this eye-catching style encases the face and shows off the texture-enhancing highlights. The cut isn’t too drastic, but the final style will draw admiring glances.

46. Blunt Haircut with Balayage. The crisp, clean lines of the cut pictured here call to mind the 1960s, but the texture brings it right back to the modern era. A hairstyle that looks dramatic from any angle.

47. Neck-Length Deva Cut. There is a lot happening with volume in the curly haircut seen here, and all of it is good. Anyone who wears this ‘do will feel primped and ready for a beautiful day.

48. Long Front Short Back Haircut. Perfect for faces with dainty features, a longer take on the pixie cut offers more comfort to those who shy away from very short hair, but still want a shorter cut that enables plenty of personality.

49. Neck-Length Braided Hair. With lacy crown braids dipping into the flowy neck-length waves, the half-updo is functional, fashionable, and a real head-turner. The finest of the updos that will work in a range of settings.

50. Neck-Length Shag. Sometimes the simplest variations on the theme of neck-length hair are the ones that work best, and the uncomplicated shag cut is perfect for all face shapes. Get some razored strands around the face for an edgier look.

There’s so much you can do with your neck length hair – just one look at the list above gives plenty of ideas and you’ll only need to narrow down your choice. Comment below about your favorite neck-length haircuts and hairstyles, we would love to hear your experience!

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